The class took part of a contest, where the goal was to describe how breakfast changed for people. We decided to recreate the different kind of italian families during our history. In this way, pupils dressed up with some special clothes.

This could help us to understand how breakfast changes, but also how is important never decreases. In order to do this each student asked to his parents and his grandparents what they eat for breakfast when the were eight years old.

The students learned that the leitmotiv of italian breakfast is the milk.



A “teacher of tasting” came in our class, and made a lot of experiments in order to  show how much food is important for us. We made two lessons: in the first one pupils discovered that during the day we need to eat food with five different colours (red, orange, green, purple, white). This can help our body to grow in a right way and to increase our immune system defences.

During the second lesson students could understand how much water in contained in what we eat, using the “water man”.




The project “ A GOOD SNACK” aims to sensitise pupils to social and cultural problems. In this way, those problems are faced thanks to the active effort of the students and of their families.

In a determined snack pause, previously arranged, school students don’t bring their snack with them because they are invited to buy it at school. The snacks are prepared by some classes who are in charge also to manage the selling and buying actions.

In this second term, the school has organized a specific lesson in order to reflect and think together with students on which kind of snack could be more suitable for the students and to have a healthy and well-balanced snack.

So, 24 students, 8 students each from the three 3rd class of the school involved in the project (3A, 3D, 3F) have attended a laboratory hold by MADEGUS.

During this laboratory, the students had the chance to learn the main basis of an healthy snack and they got some simple but tasty recipes!



During the regulary time lesson technology and science teachers have deepen some important themes, such as:

– nutrients in food
– the food function, concerning in particular the plastic and energy function
– the food pyramid

The students, working in small groups and helped by their teachers, have made some poster/boards on these themes.

Each group after the work explained the topic  to other students of the class.

These boards/posters hand painted and hand written were exposed during the student mobility week.