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Welcome to #TastingSchools project

#TastingSchools is an Erasmus+ KA219 project.

Our project “Deconstructing Education: Creative and Inclusive Schools in Gastronomic Cities” have the participation of four schools in four Creative Cities of Gastronomy: Bergen, Dénia, Östersund and Parma.

The partners of the project are:

  • CEIP POU DE LA MUNTANYA – Dénia (Spain) – Coordinator
  • IC GIACOMO FERRARI – Parma (Italy)
  • KALAND SKOLE – Bergen (Norway)
  • LUGNVIKSSKOLAN -Östersund (Sweden)


The Creative City Net designed by the UNESCO claims to have cooperation bridges between the cities which are charactericed for giving value to the creativity as an agent of sustainable development.

Dénia (Spain), Bergen (Norway), Parma (Italy) and Östersund (Sweden) are considered as Creative Cities of Gastronomy, recognised by the UNESCO. From this starting point we develop this inclusive project with the main aim of improving the students basic skills. Taking always in consideration the development of healthy lifestyle habits asociated to an equilibrate and good nutrition. Taking profit, at the same time of the singularity that our cities offers.

We will do it with an open, participative and multidisciplary methodology and having the inclusivity as the main goal.

The four schools have got the same objectives:

  • Enriching the mathematical skills and the linguistic competence in our students.
  • Adopting inclusive, open and multidisciplinary methodologies in our classes.
  • Developing inside the school background, programmes and protocoles that promote healthy lifestyle habits and an equilibrate nutrition.
  • Creating and incorporating creative and open activities inside our teachers Year Planning.
  • Enriching the educational quality of our school centers through the interchange of experiences among our teachers. Promoting the usage of new technologies (TIC).

Our project activities are divided in four diferent thematic fields:

  • Our cities (Our cities- Let’s visit). Where we will know deeply the four creative cities and their singularities.
  • Our diets (Our diets- Let’s cook). Where we will study the Mediterranean diet and the New Nordic Diet.
  • Healthy habits. (Healthy habits- Let’s move). Where we will work and promote the healthy habits among our students always related with the Physical Education and Sport.
  • Art and Cooking. (Art and cooking- Let’s create). We will know the relation between Art and cooking and we will study relevant artistic pictures with a gastronomic theme.

All of these activities are complemented by the students movility and the teachers interchange of experiences. All this work and experience will enrich the quality of our education and will strenth the relationship among the european countries.

The results that we claim to achieve are, in the firt place, the improvement of the students basic skills thanks to its aplication to the new technologies inside the class, more inclusives and with a high component of the TIC.

At the same time, we will record videos introducing each city talking about « how we are and how the others see us», and also talking about the lifestyles of each country.

The students will also record their own «Flipped Classroom» about Didactic Units related with the project. These classes will be used after by different schools and students.

This project will have a big impact thanks to its attractive thematic, the good nutrition, heathy habits and increased by the importance of the UNESCO creative cities.

We pretend to make a qualitative educational step in the four schools. Also the four Educational Communities and the four cities will take benefit of this project.