A gingerbread village

The main focus with this activity was to combine architecture, culinary culture, geometry and medieval history in a project that accentuates active learning. We aimed to create a gingerbread village, consisting of buildings from the Erasmus+ cities. The buildings we wanted to build using gingerbread were:


  • The hanseatic wharf in Bergen. Originally built 1070 AD
  • The St. Mary’s Church in Bergen. Built between 1130 and 1170 AD
  • Frösö church in Östersund from ca. 1100 AD
  • Castillo de Dénia. Started in the 8th century AD
  • Palazzo Vescovile in Parma. Built in the 10th century AD
  • The clocktower and the front of the church Il Duomo at Piazza del Duomo in Parma


The pupils’ first task was to draw models of the buildings and get the measurements in the right scale. They then had to create models using cardboard to make sure their drawings of each part would fit together. Finally, they could build their house using gingerbread dough.






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