The project “ A GOOD SNACK” aims to sensitise pupils to social and cultural problems. In this way, those problems are faced thanks to the active effort of the students and of their families.

In a determined snack pause, previously arranged, school students don’t bring their snack with them because they are invited to buy it at school. The snacks are prepared by some classes who are in charge also to manage the selling and buying actions.

In this second term, the school has organized a specific lesson in order to reflect and think together with students on which kind of snack could be more suitable for the students and to have a healthy and well-balanced snack.

So, 24 students, 8 students each from the three 3rd class of the school involved in the project (3A, 3D, 3F) have attended a laboratory hold by MADEGUS.

During this laboratory, the students had the chance to learn the main basis of an healthy snack and they got some simple but tasty recipes!

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