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Final booklet

The final product of our project is a booklet. It’s the best way to share all the experiences done in our four cities. You can use it as an example to develop similar projects or activities in your schools or towns. We hope it like you and be useful!

You can download it here: (click on the image)


24 students, 8 students each from the three 3rd class of the school  (3A, 3D, 3F) have attended a laboratory hold by two nutrition experts MADEGUS.

During this laboratory, the students had the chance to learn the main basis of an healthy snack and they got some simple but tasty recipes! so the students have reported what they have learned to their classmates.

The world tour setting at the table

Intercultural Menu at school. Trough the project, created during the project “Crescere in armonia – Educare al BenEssere” (Grow up in armony – educate to WellBeing), the local administration wants to promote new initiatives that let the school catering be a chance of meeting and welcoming cultural differences.

Some videos are avaible for students and their families that show how the proposed international meals are made.

The initiative arises lots of curiosity and interest and whets the children appetite that are encouraged to try new tastes and new meals.

A special afternoon in Anna Frank School

The 4th of April teacher organized a special afternoon for students and pupils, In the Anna Frank Primary School . They  proposed to them Gregg Segal’s exhibition, an activity where they could recycling coffee pods, an activity where mums and dads discovered how they can use the food that usual is trashed and an activity about the organic compost. All these activities wanted to show how is possible to give a new life to the objects and the foods. We only need a bit of imagination. Are we a creative city or not?!?


Let’s meet Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

All the activities were held inside the Laboratory of Istituto  Bocchialini (high school).

A group of students of this high school shown the history and principal characteristics of the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; then together with a teacher, they asked our students to taste two different types of cheese with two different seasonings.  All the students had a form and, using all their senses, they were able to evaluate all the main organoleptic features of the cheese and they tried to guess the seasoning. So, they understood the process of cheese production and how it changes over time.

Students were excited about this laboratory, not just because they had lots of fun when tasting in a professional way cheese, but also because older students were there with them to explain and support them for everything they needed

Chemistry in the Kitchen

This lab was offered to all the students of the first classes in collaboration with the expert of “Parmalat Educational division”. All our laboratories  were held in our school.

The main objective of this didactic offer is to teach students the basilar principles of food chemistry.

Throughout simple activities, students had the opportunity to discover the presence of some nutrients in food, in particular in milk, fruit juice and water.

Moreover, students, divided in small groups, had the chance to experience the content of proteins, lipids and sugars in our daily food.

Make a cocktail with fruits and vegetables

On the 13th of February, Carnival day, the children dressed up like their favourite food. They had made their costume at home
with their parents.

Two cooks came at school and made a cocktail with apples, pears, oranges, tangerine, carrots, celery and
fennel . The teachers have dressed up like these fruits and vegetables. All together drank this healthy drink and danced with


cooking activities

The first of december the pupils found an advent calendarin the hall. it was made of christmas socks full of spices and food. a
funny sensory pattern (touch and smell). Twice a week the children also found a message. On 19th of December they found a recipe for a spicy drink and all the material to make it and drink it together.