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During the Third Transnational Meeting in Parma (18th-20th October 2017) the Spanish, Swedish and Norvegian delegations
had the opportunity to enjoy
the local specialities catared
by a local street food track,

to visit the most important 
highlights in Parma


and to discover the processing of Parmesan cheese.

The members of the European delegations visited the “Sergio Neri” Kindergarten, the “Anna Frank” Primary School, the “Giacomo Ferrari” Secondary School and the Children Hospital School.
This occasion allowed them to share ideas, opinions and to achieve a better understanding of the Project goals.

Exchange of seeds

ne of the many common activities of the project is called Exchange of seed. The idea of this common activity is to exchange a selected number of seeds between the countries and plant them across borders to see if something will grow. We strongly believe that the seed from Sweden and Norway will grow in Italy and Spain, but we are curious if the opposite will happen. The exchange took place in Bergen when they arranged the mobility for students in September 2017. The Mayor of Bergen was attending the Exchange of seed. The new plants will symbolize both the growth of the project and all the new friendship across borders. The different schools brought different seed into the exchange.

Kaland skole: mixed carrots, cabbage, squash.

Pou de la Muntanya: rosemary, lavender.

Istituto Comprensivo “G. Ferrarri”: tomato, rocket.

Lugnviksskolan: watercress, peas, basil.