Visit to the exhibition ‘Food and archeology’

The hospital school visited the temporary exhibition about local food and archeological finds in our area. The students had the opportunity to discover the origins of our culinary tradition investigating the features, lifestyles and  activities of the Roman settlements along the ‘Food Valley’. The students got also the chance to compare today’s culinary habits with the Roman gastronomic specialities.

Visit to the temporary exhibition ‘Food and advertising’

The temporary exhibition was about advertising in the XX century. The students had the opportunity to explore the top advertising campaigns for promoting Italian food and beverages and specifically we focused our activity on local brands. After the visit the students were asked to create their own advertisements to promote local food using the advertising strategies.

Let’s meet Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

All the activities were held inside the Laboratory of Istituto  Bocchialini (high school).

A group of students of this high school shown the history and principal characteristics of the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; then together with a teacher, they asked our students to taste two different types of cheese with two different seasonings.  All the students had a form and, using all their senses, they were able to evaluate all the main organoleptic features of the cheese and they tried to guess the seasoning. So, they understood the process of cheese production and how it changes over time.

Students were excited about this laboratory, not just because they had lots of fun when tasting in a professional way cheese, but also because older students were there with them to explain and support them for everything they needed