Visit to the exhibition ‘Food and archeology’

The hospital school visited the temporary exhibition about local food and archeological finds in our area. The students had the opportunity to discover the origins of our culinary tradition investigating the features, lifestyles and  activities of the Roman settlements along the ‘Food Valley’. The students got also the chance to compare today’s culinary habits with the Roman gastronomic specialities.

Visit to the temporary exhibition ‘Food and advertising’

The temporary exhibition was about advertising in the XX century. The students had the opportunity to explore the top advertising campaigns for promoting Italian food and beverages and specifically we focused our activity on local brands. After the visit the students were asked to create their own advertisements to promote local food using the advertising strategies.

Chemistry in the Kitchen

This lab was offered to all the students of the first classes in collaboration with the expert of “Parmalat Educational division”. All our laboratories  were held in our school.

The main objective of this didactic offer is to teach students the basilar principles of food chemistry.

Throughout simple activities, students had the opportunity to discover the presence of some nutrients in food, in particular in milk, fruit juice and water.

Moreover, students, divided in small groups, had the chance to experience the content of proteins, lipids and sugars in our daily food.