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Let’s move – Swim!

The 3rd and 4th grade students of our school visited the Dénia Sports Center where they participated in a circuit of obstacles and enjoyed some aquatic games.

These activities are part of the Erasmus + project that the school carries out. Some experiences in the person of our students are:

“I went for a pool trip. I had a good time. We have walked on a mattress above the water. We swam a lot in the pool “(Anas)

“Last Friday my friends and I visit the pool. When we arrived we made an obstacle course. Then we went to the pool to make some ways to swim. We also went to a smaller pool where we passed on a cork mattress “(Ruben).

If you want to see the entire album with the photos, click on the following image:



A “teacher of tasting” came in our class, and made a lot of experiments in order to  show how much food is important for us. We made two lessons: in the first one pupils discovered that during the day we need to eat food with five different colours (red, orange, green, purple, white). This can help our body to grow in a right way and to increase our immune system defences.

During the second lesson students could understand how much water in contained in what we eat, using the “water man”.




As a preparatory work the students attended a workshop about the digestive system. Then each student created, through individual work, a component of their own digestive system made of different materials: fabric, plastic items, balloons, etc.

This activity made the school subject (science) more enjoyable and understandable and resulted in unexpected outcomes. The students loved the cooperative work and could experiment with new mediums: oil and acrylic paints, fabric, strings, plastic, etc.

Day of skiing in Duved

Day of skiing in Duved March 28, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, we had a field day in Duved, it was downhill which was on the program.

It was really changing weather from snow storm and sunshine, when the sun arrived it was nice.

It was full speed on the slopes all day.

Lunch consisted of grilled burgers.

After 5 hours of skiing there were many tired legs that sat on the bus for the journey home to Lugnvik.