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The project “ A GOOD SNACK” aims to sensitise pupils to social and cultural problems. In this way, those problems are faced thanks to the active effort of the students and of their families.

In a determined snack pause, previously arranged, school students don’t bring their snack with them because they are invited to buy it at school. The snacks are prepared by some classes who are in charge also to manage the selling and buying actions.

In this second term, the school has organized a specific lesson in order to reflect and think together with students on which kind of snack could be more suitable for the students and to have a healthy and well-balanced snack.

So, 24 students, 8 students each from the three 3rd class of the school involved in the project (3A, 3D, 3F) have attended a laboratory hold by MADEGUS.

During this laboratory, the students had the chance to learn the main basis of an healthy snack and they got some simple but tasty recipes!



During the regulary time lesson technology and science teachers have deepen some important themes, such as:

– nutrients in food
– the food function, concerning in particular the plastic and energy function
– the food pyramid

The students, working in small groups and helped by their teachers, have made some poster/boards on these themes.

Each group after the work explained the topic  to other students of the class.

These boards/posters hand painted and hand written were exposed during the student mobility week.



The class 2F has deepened some important topics concerning the rural landscape of the province of Parma and  the traditional products of our territory.  

Thanks to this work, the students have found out the close relationship between man, environment and agricolture in our territory.

Moreover, they worked in small groups and they made a  leaflet titled “Parma: landscape of colors, smells and… tastes!” on the main products of our territory with some recipes of our traditional meals



Intercultural Menu at school. Trough the project, created during the project “Crescere in armonia – Educare al BenEssere” (Grow up in armony – educate to WellBeing), the local administration wants to promote new initiatives that let the school catering be a chance of meeting and welcoming cultural differences.

Some videos are avaible for students and their families that show how the proposed international meals are made.  

ALMA : The International School of Italian Cuisine


We visited the International School housed in the magnificent Ducal Palace of Colorno. Every year about 2000 students, coming from different parts of the world, attend the training courses of Italian cuisine for future chefs and someliers.

The students  enjoyed the informative and hands-on demonstration class for cooks and could explore the most important parts of the school: the classrooms, the library, the kitchens, the cellar, the restaurant.











The first of december the pupils found an advent calendarin the hall. it was made of christmas socks full of spices and food. a
funny sensory pattern (touch and smell). Twice a week the children also found a message. On 19th of December they found a recipe for a spicy drink and all the material to make it and drink it together.


Kick off #Tastingschools

Kick off #Tastingschools

Wednesday 11th January, there was a great activity at school when the project #Tastingschools kicked off.

Wednesday 11th January, Teachers prepared a large fruit and vegetable market in the main hall, where the students got a good presentation of all 50 kinds of vegetables. It was also an opportunity to smell, taste a bit and take away all the vegetables.

The students from 7th grade had “Taste Workshop” in the kitchen. They presented dishes based on vegetables. Pupils and adults got to taste ratatouille, lime marinated cucumber, beetroot, with blueberries and a green smoothie. Not all students thought everything was nice as well, but all the students tasted everything. The green smoothie was a clear favourite.

On the red room, the project was presented to the students. Participating cities were presented and objectives of the project were reviewed. Engaged pupils asked many good questions.

It was a great day for everyone at school.