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The students in pairs did a research work and collected some materials about the school trip places ( Torrechiara castle and Langhirano)

using a sitography given by the teacher. Then the students choosed the contents and translated them in English.

After that the teacher showed to the students the paper leaflet model explaining how to make it; then the teacher explained the PC program “Publisher” that is the one used by the students.

The students were free to choose color imagines and others symbols to put in the leaflet.

Eventually a group of teachers selected the best leaflet that more suited to the evaluation criteria.



Our pupils at the Children Hospital Schools were involved in 3 Skype connections with the Primary School in Denia.  During the contacts we exchanged useful information about our countries, our education system, our common activities and plans about the project. Our students created a quiz game about Italian food and the Spanish pupils interacted with them.

Our students loved chatting to the Spanish pupils. In the beginning they considered it as a challenging activity but later they gained self-confidence, realized that they had improved their communicative skills and had learnt a lot of things about Spain.


The tour was focused on Parma’s major attraction: food. The students, exploring the historical buildings overlooking the Cathedral Square in Parma, found out the origins of our most important specialities: cheese, ham and wine.

The students enjoyed  spending a few hours in the Cathedral square exploring the relationship between art and food and they learnt to see the monuments in a new way.